Lone Star Championships 2012

I’m pretty sure Lone Star Championships posesses some sort of magical powers. Why is it that it’s everything you want and need in a weekend event to have a great time and grow as a dancer? I know they don’t necessarily feel like they deserve the credit, but Scott Angelius and Tena Morales put on a killer event this weekend.

Seriously. Free food AND free booze? Come on. Come on. You can’t not love that.

Most dancers don’t realize everything it takes to create a seamless event, and it’s often a very thankless job. I always feel it’s important to give kudos to those organizers that really put their hearts and souls into their events. It shows and it makes every single dancer’s time at the event better.

Going to a Tena event is like going home to your mom’s house for dinner. She’s going to cook up something real nice and nutritious for you and it’s going to be the best thing you’ve eaten since the last time you ate at her house. She’s the momma bear of the Lindy Hop community, and whether or not  you know her or have even been to one of her events, she has directly affected your Lindy Hop career in one way or another.

But back to the magical powers that Lone Star possesses. Seriously, there’s something going on there.

Lone Star is the kind of event that’s intimate, casual, yet so full of content that it’s difficult to not burst at the seams with excitement and inspiration. The afternoons are stuffed full of competitions that are not for the faint of heart. The competition is fierce and you have to bring your A game. At the main dances, you’ll hear great live music and see fantastic competition finals in a large ballroom. The late nights are full of Championsips, kick ass dancing, great conversation and impromptu group singing to Disney songs in the smaller rooms of the mansion where the event is held. You’ll get so in the zone with your dancing that you forget about everything else: feeling sore or tired, feeling hungry, needing to pee. Before you know it it’s 5am, they’re cleaning up the venue and you’re still ready for more dancing. You’ll make friends, talk with people you’ve never talked with before, and sing “A Whole New World” with people from all over the country who not so secretly love the song. You’ll wander into a back room where some lindy hoppers are jamming on instruments, and before you know it, nearly the entire late night is dancing in there.

All of these things are all of the reasons why people love Lindy Hop. And that’s why Lone Star is so awesome. There’s nothing missing from it. It’s everything you need and more. Free food AND free booze!

If you didn’t get to go, here are a few things that you missed out on:

The Blues Finals. This was by far, the best competition of the weekend.

Andrew Thigpen and Nina Gilkenson tearing it up in the Invitational Jack & Jill.

The Booze. Boom.





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Rachel Green is an avid lindy hopper, instructor, performer and bad mamma jamma. She's also the co-owner of Rhythm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a community-oriented venue dedicated to Lindy hop and to freelance dance instructors. When Rachel isn't dancing, teaching, or organizing, she's usually picking pennies up off the ground or trying to win at dutch blitz. View all posts by Rachel

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